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What to do when a death occurs

Death At Home: When a person dies at home, you should notify a funeral director immediately. They will advise you of the proper procedures to follow in having the body transferred from the residence.

Death Away From Home: When a person dies away from home, it is good practice for the survivors to immediately contact the funeral director in the area where the deceased resided. The funeral director can properly advise the family in returning the body to the local area.

Hospital: When a death occurs at a hospital, the family should first call the funeral director of its choice. The funeral director will discuss with the hospital authorities any procedure that are necessary to have the body transferred.

Autopsy: If the family grants permission for an autopsy, the person responsible or the next of kin must sign a statement authorizing the autopsy. In some circumstances the coroner or medical examiner may require the autopsy. In all deaths it is advised that the family contact the funeral director of choice.

Clergy: It is proper to notify the clergy following the death. They can offer words of reassurance and make themselves available for consultation and convenience of the family.

Funeral Director: The family may call the funeral director at any hour of the day or night. They are prepared to offer qualified personnel to assist the family.

Death/Obituary Notice: Death/Obituary notices are appropriate for notification of death. The funeral director works closely with the newspaper staff and can assist the family in seeing the death is properly reported. A charge is often made by newspapers when a death is placed in the obituary column.

Relatives: Relatives of the deceased should be notified by a member of the family or friend as soon as possible.