5 Ways Funerals Are Changing

“A traditional funeral doesn’t fit who I am. Can I plan a final farewell that’s more ‘me’?”

“I want to care for the earth in death just as I do in life. What are my options for a green burial?”

“I’d love for my friends and family to have a big party after my funeral. How can I make this happen?”

We meet with Akron, Cleveland, and Bedford Heights families every day at Calhoun Funeral Home and Cremation Services to design end-of-life tributes, and we’ve seen how requests and plans have evolved over the years. One of the biggest shifts has been the number of people who choose cremation over traditional burial. Another has been the increase in flexibility and creativity, with less of an attachment to tradition. Ohioans feel less bound by doing things a “certain way” simply because that’s the way it’s always been done.

What else has our Calhoun staff noticed over the years? Read on to find out.

More people want natural burial or cremation options. While these options still treat those who have died in a way that is dignified, almost equal importance is placed on making the smallest impact on the environment as possible through the conservation of natural resources and the use of environmentally friendly materials. 

More people want their loved ones to have a reception after the funeral. That’s why we offer a full receptionarea to families complete with food and alcohol, allowing them to gather together without having to worry about booking a crowded restaurant or cooking for a crowd. We know the last thing a grieving family needs is one more decision to make or event to arrange. We wanted to be able to handle every detail from beginning to end and having our own catering facilities allows us to do that.

More people want personal details included in their funeral. Weaving unique interests, passions, and accolades into the service brings a special measure of healing. One of the best ways to personalize a visitation or service is to display photographs, memorabilia, or service or military Selecting certain music choices can make the service even more meaningful.

More people want to incorporate technology. From video tributes to livestreaming a funeral to online obituaries, friends and family have more ways to honor their loved one from near and far. With our online obituaries, loved ones can leave a message for the family, purchase flowers or gifts, and even make a memorial donation to a charity of choice.

More people are putting their own end-of-life preferences in writing. Preplanning not only enables a person to take control of their own tribute, but also prevents their family from having to make many decisions during a difficult time. Planning ahead is a smart investment, as it’s common for loved ones to overspend while under duress. Also, you don’t have to think about your family planning a funeral that is not exactly what you want.

When it comes to a funeral, the most important thing is that your wishes are honored. No matter your preferences, we’re here to make them a reality. Reach out to us today, or you can begin the planning process online. We’re always here for you if you have questions.