How to Honor a Loved One During the Holiday Season

People tend to feel more nostalgic during the holiday season, as time spent with family and friends awakens past memories. Nostalgia helps us maintain a strong sense of personal belonging and community. When the holidays roll around, many people are looking for ways to honor a loved one that are both positive and healthy.

At Calhoun Funeral Home our staff recognizes how tough it can be to navigate the holiday season after losing a loved one. Here are some ways to honor them during this time.

Leave a candle burning for them.

Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa each involve the ritual lighting of candles. It’s a symbolic act that reminds people why these celebrations continue to exist. This year, light a candle for your loved one and leave it burning in a prominent place in your home during holiday celebrations. (Be sure to closely monitor said candle!) Seeing a lit flame will remind you of their constant presence in your life, even now that they are gone.  

Buy a gift they’d enjoy or make a donation in their name.

Gift-giving is one of the most exciting parts of the holidays. While you’re out shopping, you’ll likely stumble across things that your loved one would have enjoyed. We suggest purchasing the item to donate to a local charity organization. Alternatively, you could make a monetary contribution in their name. To make it even more meaningful, be sure to select a charity or cause they championed in life.

Start a new holiday tradition in their honor.

Holidays and traditions go hand in hand so it’s understandable if you don’t want to start anything new this time of year. Incorporating a fresh activity into your celebrations may help you acknowledge that this year is special in its own unique way—all because of your loved one. Perhaps you invite your children or grandchildren over to decorate homemade cookies or design handcrafted ornaments. Maybe you go ice-skating with friends or take a long walk in the woods. Do whatever feels right for you and your loved one.

Nurture close relationships.

Perhaps there’s a friend or family member you’ve been keeping at a distance because they remind you of your loved one. Reconnecting with them may actually make you feel more connected to your loved one, especially if that person is someone they knew well or spent a lot of time with. Set up a time with them to share memories of your loved one over coffee or send an invite to a holiday-themed get-together.

At Calhoun Funeral Home we look forward to celebrating the holiday season with our families, friends, and neighbors across Ohio. Our compassionate team is available around the clock should you need to reach out with any questions. We are happy to help!