• Personal Touches that Make Your Funeral Unforgettable
    Posted: 10/18/2023

    At Calhoun Funeral Home & Cremation Service, we realize that each of our neighbors in Northeast Ohio and beyond wantstheir loved one’s funeral to be an unforgettable experience. Adding personal touches to a funeral ensures your loved one’s celebration is both memorable and meaningful. Highlight the five senses. If a loved one had a favorite color, …
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  • What Family Ownership Means for You
    Posted: 10/16/2023

    For over 65 years, Calhoun Funeral Home has been committed to serving the families of Northeast Ohio and beyond during some of their most difficult moments. It’s not just a job for us; it truly is our family’s calling. Every day, we hear about more and more family-owned funeral homes selling to large corporations. At …
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  • Your Questions about Cremation…Answered
    Posted: 09/12/2023

    For families in Northeast Ohio and beyond, the choice of whether to have a traditional burial or cremation can be very personal. You have to take into consideration preferences, religious and cultural beliefs, and budget. At Calhoun Funeral Home & Cremation Service, we believe ultimately, you have to decide what makes sense for you and …
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  • Tips for Healthy Aging
    Posted: 09/08/2023

    At Calhoun Funeral Home & Cremation Service, we know the value of maintaining healthy living standards throughout every phase of life. Our compassionate staff members help families in Northeast Ohio and beyond arrange beautiful tributes for their loved ones. With each unique celebration of life, we reflect on the best ways to stay healthy and …
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  • Tips for Writing a Meaningful Obituary
    Posted: 08/14/2023

    American playwright and novelist Thornton Wilder once said, “The highest tribute to the dead is not grief but gratitude.” To be sure, grief is inescapable, and a part of the normal human experience after a death occurs. But one way we can express our gratitude to our loved ones is through preparing a farewell that …
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  • 5 Ways that Funeral Services can Help with the Grieving Process
    Posted: 08/08/2023

    After a loss, it’s natural to feel overwhelmed by the thought of planning a funeral or memorial service. In fact, some families find it so daunting they want to forego the funeral entirely. However, our care team here at Calhoun Funeral Home & Cremation Services knows that celebrating the life of a loved one is …
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  • Social Media Do’s and Don’ts: 4 Tips to Know Before You Post
    Posted: 07/10/2023

    Social media has enriched our lives in a lot of different ways. We’ve all heard the stories about the high school sweethearts who reconnected on Facebook and lived happily ever. And many of us who live here in Northeast Ohio and beyond have loved ones spread across the country with whom we are able to …
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  • Debunking Burial Myths
    Posted: 07/03/2023

    For a host of reasons, many people feel uncomfortable talking about death and death-adjacent topics like burial and cremation. While it may not be easy to have these conversations, it is important to distinguish between myth and fact when it comes to end-of-life options. At Calhoun Funeral Home & Cremation Service, our staff frequently speaks with families from Northeast Ohio and beyond …
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  • Should We Plan a Visitation?
    Posted: 06/20/2023

    Calhoun Funeral Home have been part of Northeast Ohio and beyond for over 65 years, serving area families for generations. When our staff sits down with a family to plan a funeral, there are many decisions that need to be made. One topic of discussion is whether to hold a visitation.   Some families aren’t …
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  • How to Create the Perfect Video Tribute for Your Loved One’s Funeral
    Posted: 06/14/2023

    If there is one thing we have learned here at Calhoun Funeral Home, it’s the importance funeral planning plays in the grief process. While this is certainly not easy for a person who is desperately missing a loved one, something happens when he/she starts making choices to personalize the funeral service. Our expert team knows …
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