Tips for Healthy Aging

At Calhoun Funeral Home & Cremation Service, we know the value of maintaining healthy living standards throughout every phase of life. Our compassionate staff members help families in Northeast Ohio and beyond arrange beautiful tributes for their loved ones. With each unique celebration of life, we reflect on the best ways to stay healthy and increase longevity.

Here are some of our most helpful tips for healthy aging:

Weave movement into your day.

One of the best ways to extend your lifespan is through daily movement. Getting moderate exercise throughout the week has been proven to boost cardiovascular health by lowering blood pressure along with resting heart rate. The recommended daily amount is 22-30 minutes of moderate physical activity like a brisk walk or a yoga class.

Eat for longevity.

Along with exercise, a healthy diet can help you live a longer life. The Mediterranean diet has been proven to boost heart health and reduce inflammation, among other physical benefits. This type of diet is rich in fruits, vegetables, and healthy fats like olive oil and omega-3s found in fish such as salmon and tuna. Eating this way has been known to increase energy levels and improve the health of your skin and hair.

Socialize with loved ones.

Many of us spent a considerable amount of time alone during the Covid-19 pandemic and felt the negative effects of prolonged isolation. Living alone or apart from loved ones at an advanced age can increase the risk of heart disease and depression. Spending quality time with family and friends has been proven to increase longevity, boost mood, and decrease your risk of dementia and other cognitive disorders.

Prioritize sleep.

Regularly getting a good night’s sleep can have a profound impact on your physical and mental health. The recommended amount of seven to nine hours of nightly sleep remains the same throughout adulthood, but it can be tough to achieve later in life with hormonal changes, medication side effects, and body aches and pains. If you struggle to clock sufficient nightly z’s, try practicing calming breathwork, meditating, or reading a paper book before bed.

Staying healthy isn’t always easy, but it’s possible, no matter your age. Our caring staff is available around the clock to help families honor their loved ones. Contact us any time. We are always ready to help you plan a funeral or cremation that your family will remember for years to come.